Super Feedy ~ The Ultimate, Versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl



This innovative slow feeder dog bowl & reversible lickmat represents everything Super Feedy strives to achieve: helping to reduce your dog's indigestion, prevent the risk of dog bloat & offer a greater depth of canine enrichment at mealtimes.  

Innovative Design

Features a challenging (yet not frustrating) meal-lengthening puzzle pattern to improve your dog's overall eating experience

Double the Enrichment

Double-sided lick mat created to keep your dog stimulated during mealtimes

Prevents Dog Indigestion

Slow feeder bowl does more than slow your dog's eating down - it also helps correct eating behaviours

Versatile For Meal Types

Perfect for all diets and dog food recipes, such as dog food wet, home-cooked meals, and dry dog food. It promotes diversity in your dog's diet and healthier digestion

Strong Stay-Put Suction Cup Base

Frustrated with your dogs current bowl sliding all over the place? Worry no more with our super strong suction cup base; even the most intelligent dog can't flip it over to get to the food

Larger 10 Cup Food Capacity

Holding a whopping 10 cups of food, this dog slow feeder bowl is ideal for medium and large sized breeds. It also leaves plenty of room for your dog to forage, snack or enjoy a full meal

Food-Safe & Recyclable Materials

Made from food-safe silicone, recyclable plastic materials, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free

Doubles as a Handy Container

Doubles as a dog food container, so you can take your dog's meals with you on-the-go for outdoor adventures, without having to worry about speed eating, spills and messes

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