Meal Toppers

If you feed your pet raw food, and especially if you feed kibble or biscuits, adding toppers is how you create diversity, texture and flavour variety, and target specific areas of health including joint, skin and coat and disease prevention.

Among others, you can also feed toppers for the following reasons: 

  • Bone broth is particularly good as a meal replacement if your dog has an upset belly.
  • Colourful fruit and vegetables have antioxidants to prevent disease.
  • A dollop of yoghurt or serve of green tripe is good for gut health.
  • Feeding Hemp oil on top of commercial dog kibble can help your dog digest the carbohydrates in these diets more effectively by reducing the spike in blood sugar and slowing digestion. 
  • Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts are an excellent source of Taurine, which supports heart health. 

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