Maggie's Pet Co. is here to help you make healthier and more informed decisions to better the life of your pets.

We apply extensive research and years of education to offer you a collection of only the very best products for your dog, including natural raw food, durable dog toys, puzzles, bowls, healthy treats, natural supplements, handmade and Snooza dog beds, and quality dog accessories from brand such as Ruffwear, Big and Little Dogs, Holly and Co and Animals in Charge.

We proudly supply premium pet food brands including Big Dog Pet Foods, Organic Paws, The Butchers Dog and Perfect Bowl.

We ship all of our goods Australia-Wide

plush and durable cute dog toys from fringe studio

An update on our best seller

An update on our best seller!

The Maggie's Chook Breast treats are easily our most popular.

The Chicken Jerky is what you know and love, and is made from thickly sliced chicken, great as a snack or chew.

Thin 'N' Crispy is our solution for those who like to use chicken as a training treat. Thinner slices means the product is easier to snap up in your fingers for the good boys and girls.

how to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy naturally

five steps to feeding a complete and balanced fresh food diet

step 1: choose a fresh diet to use as a base.

step 2: add a topper for variety.

step 3: include a supplement for targeted nutrition.

step 4: choose an appropriate bowl.

step 5: don't forget your natural treats!

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