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We stock raw dog food diets, freeze-dried dog food, air-dried dog food and cooked dog food diets. These diets make it easy to feed fresh or raw food, and we offer support and guidance for those of you with questions or concerns about feeding fresh, natural pet food. 

It's essential to us that the foods we stock come from human-grade ingredients and facilities and are Australian made or sourced from New Zealand, and that they offer complete and balanced nutrition for your pets. With any dog foods (including kibble) we encourage safe-food handling practices at home, and if you're concerned about bacteria, please chat with us today about the ins and outs of raw feeding. 

The brands we carry include, Organic Paws, Big Dog Pet Foods, Perfect Bowl & The Butchers Dog. 

We are also happy to help you formulate your own diets, assess current feeding routines for nutritional inadequacies and make recommendations to ensure you meet your pets nutrient requirements. If you'd like to make your own food, we recommend you book a nutritional consultation with Eden, who can work with you to formulate a complete and balanced diet, tailored to your pet and your lifestyle. 

Shipping available to most of Australia, please only select shipping that says - frozen food option.

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have you tried 'perfect bowl'?

What is Perfect Bowl?

Fresh, delicious, and high quality dog food, using human-grade meat, poultry and vegetables to ensure freshness and quality.

Some love it most for its simplicity, others love knowing it is Vet approved and recommended. Either way, we know your dog is going to love Perfect Bowl.

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, it is loved by thousands of dogs and their families, Australia-wide.