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FACT: Dogs on a diet of dry commercial dog food who were fed leafy green vegetables at least 3 x per week, were 90% less likely to develop cancer*

A lack of authority or overseeing regulatory body means consumers are often left at the mercy of largely unscrupulous marketing teams to help them decide on what to feed their animals. Companies selling floor sweepings and waste materials from the human food industry do so under the guise of the ‘complete and balanced’, ‘species appropriate’ buzz-words and beautifully styled imagery of fresh, whole foods, in an attempt to gain consumer trust, yet these seldom reflect the quality of ingredients within the product.

To consider the process that produce must go through from their original state, being meat by-products, grains or potatoes, and other produce to become a perfectly shaped, dried pellet, that must then be fortified with synthetic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, sprayed with preservatives and palatant, and marketed as a healthy and natural food for a facultive carnivore, is to consider just the tip of an iceberg. As the average age of our canine companions declined with the increasing consumer adoption of commercial pet food, the industry carried out a marketing campaign that rivals that of the ‘smoking is good for you’ era and convinced their consumer that this diet was suitable. It’s time for an intervention, and for a regulatory body to use the growing scientific evidence in the field of canine nutrition to set clear, honest labelling rules and regulations to help our consumers become better informed. 

Our recommendation is to only purchase pet food that has been manufactured using human-grade produce, and which contain a product that resembles the fresh ingredients. For anyone wanting further guidance or information, our passion is to provide researched, scientifically proven evidence to use nutrition to promote overall health and longevity. We offer one-on-one consultations, and only sell brands we would happily feed to our own dogs.

For anyone wanting further guidance or information, our passion is to provide researched, scientifically proven evidence to use nutrition to promote overall health and longevity.

Our Services and Goals

The information can be overwhelming. The internet is saturated with conflicting opinions, different feeding methods, ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’, and with commercial pet food companies using paid endorsements and sponsorship programs to gain consumer trust, it can be difficult to decipher right from wrong.

If you want a no-nonsense, custom-made feeding plan for your dog, that suits your lifestyle while meeting all their nutritional needs, with the flexibility of DIY or utilising quality store-bought premade diets, get in touch with us today.

We’ve been recommended by Veterinarians, have provided workshops to TAFE, NSW students and have worked with hundreds of dog owners to improve skin and coat, overall vitality and reduce the effects of conditions caused by chronic inflammation. See below for how this journey will look for you.

What happens at a Maggie's Nutritional Consult?

Step One

Book a one-on-one nutrition consultation.

You’ll have half an hour with one of our canine nutritionists to discuss any queries or concerns, health complaints or for clarification of best feeding practise.

Step Two

Receive your custom-made feeding plan and access to our nutritionists for your questions. 

Topics discussed in your consultation will be explored and a feeding plan will be determined that best suits your lifestyle and your dog’s specific concerns.

Step Three

Join our Facebook community for ongoing support.

To continue along this journey with your dog, we recommend you join our Facebook Community – Maggie’s Pet Nutrition and Wellness, where we can delve deeper into feeding inspiration, grooming, enrichment and training.

Meet our Nutritionists


Eden joined the team in early 2020, and shares the same passion and commitment that Lisa and Stephen embody for the promotion and betterment of the health of our pets. 

After suffering the loss of her own dog Ruby in 2016 to an aggressive form of Cancer, Eden began exploring avenues of nutrition that could act as a preventative measure to help her other dog Otis, who was constantly plagued with health concerns, and to find out whether it was possible to use nutrition to protect Otis against the same fate. What she found was game-changing, and for the past several years she has been deep in the rabbit hole that is natural canine health and nutrition. 

Now, having amassed five certificates in Canine Nutrition, and currently undertaking certificates in Herbalism and Homeopathic’s, Eden’s passion for integrating natural remedies and nutrition to the betterment of her dog’s health is not just her occupation, but her lifestyle. 

Eden adores her beloved dog’s Maggie and Otis and her cat, Memphis, a.k.a. ‘The Menace’ and you can follow along on their adventures on Instagram @nourished_hounds

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Lisa has an exciting history in the field of animal care, from having been successful as a Marine Mammal Specialist in Mexico, to caring for Exotic Species in New Zealand and Florida, then onto Marine Mammal rescue and rehabilitation in Australia, winning awards and featuring on reality tv series ‘Pooch Perfect’ as a dog groomer, and then finally finding her true passion after becoming a certified Canine Nutritionist, in educating owners on holistic nutrition and care for dogs. 

Lisa’s main focus is the intestinal microbiome, and how the population of bacteria in the gut can influence the wellbeing of the entire animal. From her background in exotic animal care and diet formulation, she firmly believes diet is the key to gut health, and enables us to maintain a healthy animal. 

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