Treats can often be seen as a less-important aspect of diet, but this is certainly not the case. If you feed treats regularly, use them for training or to maintain good dental health, the ingredients in those treats matter. 

At Maggie's we make sure to only stock natural, minimally processed, healthy dog treats and will not stock products that include cereal by-product, are not of human-grade quality or contain synthetic colours, flavours or other harmful ingredients. 

We have long lasting dog chews, training treats, and cat treats from a variety of brands, including Hemp Pet, Laila and Me, K9 Natural, and our very own Maggie's Treat range of dried meats and homemade peanut butter biscuits and turkey paws. 

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have you tried 'perfect bowl'?

What is Perfect Bowl?

Fresh, delicious, and high quality dog food, using human-grade meat, poultry and vegetables to ensure freshness and quality.

Some love it most for its simplicity, others love knowing it is Vet approved and recommended. Either way, we know your dog is going to love Perfect Bowl.

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, it is loved by thousands of dogs and their families, Australia-wide.