Stylish Hound ~ Dog Swim Robe ~ Oceanblue



Get ready for a summer filled with wet, water fun! This super-absorbent swim robe makes use of microfibre technology, allowing the fabric to dry soon after it has been made wet. Its wrap-around design suits a variety of doggy shapes and sizes. Also get your matching Swim jacket right here! Washing is super easy as it is machine compatible. Save your car from a wet doggo smell after a trip to the beach, or your floors after that dreaded bath time! Beach, summertime here we come!

• Ned, adult male Griffon, girth 36cm, wears size XS
• Eevee, adult female Mini Foxy, girth 42cm, wears size XS
• Remus, adult male Dachshund, girth 48cm, wears size XS
• Howie, adult male Griffon, girth 50cm, wears size XS

• Peanut, adult male English Staffy, girth 66cm, wears size S
• Wubba, adult female Samoyed, girth 50cm, wears size S
• Astoria, adult female Frenchie, girth 53cm, wears size S
• Sirrus, adult male Dachshund, girth 56cm, wears size S
• Waldorf, adult female Frenchie, girth 57cm, wears size S
• Miss M, adult female English Bulldog, girth 62cm, Neck size 55cm, wears size S

• Roo, adult female Border Collie, girth 57cm, wears size M
• Noah, adult male Border Collie, girth 59cm, wears size M
• Olivia, adult female Beagle, girth 64cm, wears size M
• Nala and Brax the Staffy, girth 67cm, wears size M
• Koda, adult male American Staffy, girth 72cm, wears size M
• Skylar, adult female GSP, girth 72cm, wears size M
• Holly, adult female Labrador, girth 75cm, wears size M

• Luna, adult female Golden Retriever, girth 74cm, wears size L
• Gus, adult male Labrador, girth 77cm, wears size L
• Tucker, adult male American Staffy, girth 78cm, wears size L
• Harpo, adult female Rottweiler, girth 82cm, wears size L

• Maverick, adult male GSD, girth 88cm, wears size XL

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