Stylish Hound ~ Dog Swim Jacket ~ Oceanblue



Have your cutest summer yet!

Functional, stylish life jackets will keep your best furry friend safe and swimming. Revel in the waves come rain or shine with your special pal paddling right beside you! As if the two of you could get any closer, right? This stylish jacket assists your dog’s swimming skills and safety, whilst looking seriously stylish at the same time.

• Main canvas made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles & fabric
• Padded neoprene handle
• High-quality ultra buoyancy foam
• Leash attachment at the top of the vest
• Adjustable double chest strap with Neoprene
• Double velcro neck strap for maximum buoyancy to assist with helping your pup keep their head up whilst learning to swim
• Bright colours for high visibility
• Quick-drying material

This swim jacket is for risk prevention and assisting your pup when swimming. Kindly ensure you supervise your pup at all times.

Please Note: The leash attachment on the swim jacket was not designed to withstand if your dog moves and jumps around a lot. Please attach the leash to your dog's collar.


• Eeve, adult female Mini Foxy, girth 42cm, wears size XXS
• Gretel, adult female Cavoodle, girth 44cm, wears size XXS

• Coco, adult female Mini Poodle, girth 48cm, wears size XS
• Remus, adult male Dachshund, girth 48cm, wears size XS
• Char, adult female Beagle, girth 55cm, wears size XS
• Stella, adult female Pug, girth 55cm, wears size XS
• Ares, adult female Pug, girth 60cm, wears size XS

• Wubba, adult female Samoyed, girth 50cm, wears size S
• Sirrus, adult male Dachshund, girth 56cm, wears size S
• Snoopy, adult male Beagle, girth 64cm, wears size S
• Peanut, adult male English Staffy, girth 66cm, wears size S

• Roo, adult female Border Collie, girth 57cm, wears size M
• Noah, adult male Border Collie, girth 59cm, wears size M
• Olivia, adult female Beagle X, girth 64cm, wears size M
• Nala and Brax the Staffy, girth 67cm, wears size M
• Trixie, female Greyhound X, girth 68cm, wears size M
• Skylar, adult female GSP, girth 72cm, wears size M

• Koda, adult male American Staffy, girth 72cm, wears size L
• Luna, adult female Golden Retriever, girth 74cm, wears size L
• Holly, adult female Labrador, girth 75cm, wears size L
• Gus, adult male Labrador, girth 77cm, wears size L
• Ava, adult female GSD, girth 78cm, wears size L

• Jeeya, adult male GSD, girth 87cm, wears size XL
• Evie, adult female Rottweiler, girth 86cm, wears size 

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