Organic Cheese Puffs ~ Dog Treat



Cheesy Puffs are ready-to-eat small, bite sized crunchy gluten free dog snack treats. Puffs were formulated after extensive research and thousands of trials. When Cheese Chews are cut into nuggets and microwaved for 2-5 minutes, they puff up to 3-4 times bigger than the original size to become cheesy Puffs.

This pre-microwaved dog treat is neither too soft nor too hard, while it maintains the same cheesy flavour that dogs love.

  • These Cheesy treats are high on Protein, Biotin and Folic Acid.
  • Chew Cheesy Puffs are the perfect crunchy snacks for any dogs.
  • These grain free crunchy treats are not too harsh on the teeth and gums.

Cheese Chew Puffs have been specially made as a mouth-watering treat for your dogs and are ideal as an anytime snack. When you are enjoying a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie, your dog too can munch on these Puffs beside you.These nutritious Puffs are of high quality as it has more protein and fewer carbs, they are ideal for every dog breed of all sizes.


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