Mr. Hemp ~ Hulled Hemp Seeds ~ 500g



Tasmanian Grown Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds have a soft, nutty flavour and are packed with protein as well as soluble and insoluble fibre. This makes them great for weight loss, sustaining energy and curbing hunger cravings. 

Hemp Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and are packed with nutrients including naturally occurring Vitamin D, and Omega DLA. 

They're also beneficial in aid of the absorption of iron and zinc. 

How to Use: 
Add Hemp seeds to lickmats, sprinkle onto dinners, bake into treats, or mix with yoghurt to add all of the above health benefits to your pet's diet. 

100% Hulled Hemp Seeds

Nutritional Information: (per 100g)
Energy  -2385.4kJ
Protein - 35.1g
Carbohydrates - 2.4g
Total Sugar - 1.9g
Total Fat - 46g
- Saturated Fat - 4.3g
- Monounsaturdated Fat - 6.7
- Polyunsaturated Fat - 35g
Dietary Fibre - 5.3g
Sodium (mg/100g) - <0.20mg


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