The Butchers Dog ~ Veg & Fruit Supplement ~ 640g



Vegetable and Fruit Supplement

A finely crushed blend of 12 different seasonal vegetables, fruits and supplementary foods which provide added balance and variety to your dog’s diet. We use predominantly broccoli and green leafy vegetables intentionally selected for their cancer-fighting properties and because they help reduce inflammation, promote gut health and support a healthy liver.

 0.64 kg 4 discs

Made with human-grade ingredients


100% mix of Vegetables & Fruit: Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Zucchini, Butternut Pumpkin, Beetroot, Carrot, Apples, Pears, Blueberries, Papaya, Mint, Parsley, Flaxseed, Coconut oil, Hemp oil, Kelp, Slippery Elm.


Low GI. Phytonutrients are only found in vegetable material so if your dog isn’t eating veggies he’s missing out. You can tailor the amount of vegetables in your dog’s diet to their individual taste and requirement. Ideally between 10% and 25%.

Our vegetable and fruit supplement contains a blend of raw, finely crushed seasonal ingredients to provide vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. We are big on the cancer fighting properties of broccoli, so that is one of the main vegetables used along with kale and spinach. The foods richest in phytonutrients are broccoli, kale, apples and berries.

Because our dogs can’t choose for themselves to eat veggies, we have to provide them, and in a form that they are able to digest. Vegetables need to be crushed or pulverized in a blender or your dog isn’t able to digest them. Apart from the multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients, this blend contains, it also provides much-needed fibre for gut health and helps to alkalize the body.

Product arrives frozen. Store in the freezer, defrost in the fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion and refreeze).

Thoroughly defrost before feeding as feeding frozen or semi-frozen food is not advised, especially for puppies. You may need to leave it in a covered container on the bench for a short time to fully defrost.

Suitable for growing puppies and adult dogs as part of a raw diet. Always feed a variety of proteins from across our range for balanced nutrition. We recommend rotating through at least 4 meat types plus our Vegetable and Fruit supplement.

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