Maggie's Treats ~ Chook Breast



We are waiting on more packaging to arrive so for now you can choose between a plain bag for $1 off each bag or our normal pretty packaging!


We know it can be hard to find treats that are healthy for your pets, so our very own range of Maggie's Treats has been carefully selected by certified Pet Nutritionists and made in HACCP, human grade kitchens. With a focus on dental health and micronutrient content, our treats are not only delicious, but nutritious!

Simply dehydrated, with no additives or preservatives. Our Chook Breast has not been soaked in glycerin gel, as many of them can be. 

Thin 'N' Crispy - This Chook Breast is sliced thinner, and so, once dehydrated has a crispier texture that enables it to be more easily snapped up for training. 

Jerky - Is made from thick slices of chicken breast, and so is more suitable as a chew or larger reward. 

Freeze Dried - Diced pieces of chicken breast that have gone through a freeze-drying process to extract moisture and keep the product shelf stable. Can be broken up for treats, or used atop meals as a special treat. 

INGREDIENTS - 100% Australian Chook Breast. 


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