Augustine Approved ~ F-Off



For topical application on:

  • Animals
  • Bedding
  • Carpet
  • Garden

F-OFF powder has a role in:

• Reducing and eliminating odours.

Safe and Healthy

F-OFF is a natural alternative to chemical poisons. It is made from a similar grade TMAZ® zeolite powder to the one used to produce our TMAZ® products for human and animal consumption.

F-OFF powder has a highly absorbent nature and once applied well, creates a dry environment.

Due to its moisture-absorbing capabilities, F-OFFTM plays a role in the reduction and elimination of odours, making it a handy solution to animal smells.

Although there is no current option to certify rock minerals as organic, TMAZ® zeolite is accepted for input into organic production. 


For pets:

Apply only on dry surfaces or animals. 

Sprinkle well onto your hands, rub together and massage into the coat of your animal thoroughly, avoiding contact with eyes. The coat may feel coarse due to the powder residue.

Leave in for best results or wash animal once satisfied with the outcome.

For carpets and bedding:

Hold tub well away from target and sprinkle so that a fine dust is produced, covering the intended area. Rubbing into carpets and bedding with a brush is optional.

It is vital to treat all living areas and all animals within your environment. Leave for 24 hours before vacuuming. For optimal results allow 48 hours.

Leaving F-OFFTM on animal bedding without vacuuming is recommended.

Reapply as often as necessary.

Gardening and outdoor areas:

Sprinkle lightly over plants and soil around plant bases. 


Sprinkle directly into shoes.

Ingredients: Premium New Zealand certified Dynacol™ zeolite.

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