Artero ~ Double Sided Coat Stripper




Removing trapped undercoat is an essential part of grooming care for double coated breeds, particularly Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Shepherds. 


The Artero Coat X-Treme for grooming is capable of removing a large amount of undercoat and detangling quickly. The 25 teeth side is ideal to eliminate undercoat and advance work in stripped coats, while the 13 teeth side eliminates fine knots. 


Two sided coat tool, one side consists of 13 teeth to eliminate the finest knots, light shedding and eliminate undercoat in dogs that are stripped, while the other 25 teeth side safely and effectively removes undercoat. 


A long-pin slicker brush and fine tooth comb are the tools required for effective at home grooming. Detangle and brush out in step one with your slicker brush, remove undercoat and prevent matting with the Double Sided Stripper, then finish your work with a fine tooth comb, ensuring there are no knots in high-friction areas and to achieve a soft finish. 

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