Animal Botanical by McDowell's ~ Canine Bladder Struvite Stone Treatment ~ 100ml SPECIAL ORDER




If you suspect your pet has bladder stones, please consult your Veterinarian. 

This formulation contains herbs traditionally used to maintain urinary tract health and urine pH minimising the risk of formation of bladder stones. 

Bladder stones, or uroliths, are stone-like mineral deposits that form in your dogs bladder. Bladder stones may occur as a single deposit, or consist of many smaller pieces.

Struvite stones in the dog are almost always formed because of the urinary changes that occur with specific types of bladder infection. Some dogs with bladder stones show no symptoms of any kind and the stones are discovered incidentally but there are some symptoms that might promote a search for stones.

Bloody urine, recurrent bladder infection, or straining to urinate all should raise suspicion. Occasionally stones are simply passed. Dogs with struvite stones tend to be almost all female. Some breeds that appear to have an increased risk for the formation of (Bladder) Struvite stones are the Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, and English Cocker Spaniel.


Dandelion, Echinacea, Garlic, Horsetail, Pellitory of the Wall, Rosehips, Uva Ursi, Ethanol, Spring Water, Dr Bach Flowers; Agrimony, Mimulus, Rescue Remedy, Willow.

Directions for Use: 

  • • Small dog < 5 kilos: 3-5 drops twice daily in food

    • Medium dog < 25 kilos: 5-15 drops twice daily in food

    • Large dog > 25 kilos: 15-30 drops twice daily in food

    • Extra-large dog > 45 kilos: 30-60 drops twice daily in food

    Shake well before use. For best results use continuously for a minimum of 3-12 weeks. Consult a Veterinarian if symptoms persist. Discontinue use 24 hours prior to any surgical procedure, and wait 24 hours after surgery before continuing use.

    Store in a cool dark place.

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