I love a dog

Byron Bay based company owned by Pet Nutritionist Donna,

Dogs and humans have shared a special connection for thousands of years,
each supporting, serving, protecting and, yes… loving the other.

It’s a symbiotic relationship in the truest sense. They say, if you're lucky, every once in a while a dog comes along that changes everything. Ruby was that dog for me. Her love, grace, determination, patience, presence and joy filled my heart over and over and inspired me to be a better person. I Love a Dog honours her legacy and is here to help dogs and their humans lead healthier and happier lives. I hope it does for you. Please let me know. Big love and licks, Donna

Donna @ I LOVE A DOG
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What is Perfect Bowl?

Fresh, delicious, and high quality dog food, using human-grade meat, poultry and vegetables to ensure freshness and quality.

Some love it most for its simplicity, others love knowing it is Vet approved and recommended. Either way, we know your dog is going to love Perfect Bowl.

With an average rating of 4.9 stars, it is loved by thousands of dogs and their families, Australia-wide.