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If you have the time to read this I’d like to tell you a little bit about my journey to bring you Augustine Approved products.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you a bit about the inspiration behind the brand ‐ my puppy, Augustine the Boxer. Those who know me make jokes about how much I adore Augustine and like all you animal lovers out there I want my best friend to have a long and happy life.

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Augustine + Phivo

When Augustine arrived the excitement kicked in and I splurged on what I was advised was high quality food. To my dismay, no matter what commercial dog food Augustine ate, she was plagued with stomach problems and didn’t have the vibrancy expected of a young boxer. Of course I took her to the vet and followed the recommended commercial diets but three months on she still suffered.

I began to take a great interest in researching the ingredients allowed in dog foods. I couldn’t help but wonder; “How good are these foods for dogs if they are not SAFE for US to eat?” I was astounded that I could not find a single fresh 100% organic food on the market that was completely balanced and supercharged with more than just the basic nutrients dogs need. I wanted more because I believe a dog’s devotion deserves the best in return.

I was becoming desperate for a solution and felt like I was left with no choice but to solve the riddle of Augustine’s health myself. But what did I know about making dog food? I couldn’t even cook for myself!

Being an outsider to the pet industry was a positive. You see the problem is if you approach any expert in the field of dog nutrition and ask them to create the world’s greatest dog food you can bet your bottom dollar that they will automatically place restrictions on their creativity before they even begin. They will be concerned about adhering to a budget, storage and transportation. To work within the restrictions they have created in their own minds, they will most certainly come up with a dry (kibble) food, or canned food. I do not believe it is good for dogs to eat biscuits or canned food, especially not for their entire lives. I wouldn’t eat such a diet, would you?

It soon became my personal ambition to create the world’s greatest dog food -­‐ without compromise, so that Augustine and all the wonderful canines out there can enjoy a healthy, happy life and be our companions for years to come. Finally after extensive trials, Augustine approved the food.

Augustine turned two on May 25th this year and she is healthier, faster, and stronger than ever. Mind you while I am writing this all I can hear is the squeaking sounds coming from her squeaky toy... gotta love boxers!

Here’s to the health of all dogs.

Boxer Kisses,

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