LickiMat Original ~ Soother ~ Small



The Soother features a bumpy texture that gently and effectively scrapes the tongue to clean it while dogs indulge in their favourite treats or food.

We love to spread, mashed banana, sweet potato, coconut oil, peanut butter or minced meat onto our lickimats to keep our doggies entertained!


  • Ideal for pastes, wt food and peanut butter
  • Makes treats and food last longer and prevents overfeeding
  • Helps clean the tongue by removing food particles and bacteria
  • Freshens breath over time with regular use and improves overall oral and dental health
  • Freezer-safe – great for summertime homemade frozen pet treats
  • For dog and cats, too!

Size: Small

Colours: Green, Blue or Orange

Material: Non-Toxic, Food-Grade TPR Rubber

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