Are you throwing away a canine superfood?

Eden Bennett @ 2023-07-19 10:01:40 +1000

Are you discarding this nutrient-rich superfood?

Have you ever cracked open an egg for baking, breakfast, or your dog's meal and disposed of the eggshell without considering its potential benefits? By doing so, your dog is missing out on the advantages not only of the eggshell itself but also the membrane lining its interior.

Extensive research has demonstrated that eggshell membrane offers a wide array of health benefits. Its abundant content of collagen, glucosamine, and elastin makes this seemingly insignificant film-like material highly advantageous for your dog's connective tissues and joints.

Discover the health benefits you can provide for your dog by removing the membrane and incorporating it into their food:

  1. Gut Health: Studies on rats have shown that supplementing with eggshell membrane increases the levels of lactobacillus reuteri in the microbiome. This bacterium is known to help control the risk of intestinal infections in canines by actively inhibiting the growth of yeast, fungi, and protozoa in the digestive tract.

  2. Joint Support: Eggshell membrane contains essential compounds that promote healthy joints, and supplementation has been found to effectively reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis in canine patients.

  3. Improved Skin and Coat: The presence of collagen in eggshell membrane can help aging dogs maintain healthy skin and coat. Collagen production naturally declines with age, but supplementation has been proven to slow down this process.

  4. Calcium: Calcium is a vital mineral in a dog's diet, and if your dog struggles to consume enough bones, supplementing with eggshell and membrane can provide an easily digestible source.

DIY - Eggshell Powder Supplement:

To create your own eggshell calcium supplement, carefully remove the membrane from cracked eggshells, boil the shells for two to three minutes, and then place them on a tray in a preheated oven at 160°C for approximately 5 minutes or until thoroughly dry. Grind the shells in a blender until a powder consistency is achieved. Store the powder in a cool, dry place.

One teaspoon of powdered eggshell provides between 800-1000mg of calcium. An adult dog typically requires 50mg of calcium per kilo of body weight daily, so if you're feeding a fresh diet without enough bone content, this powder can serve as a suitable replacement.

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