Zodiac ~ Fruity Tofu Cat Litter ~ Blueberry




The Zodiac Tofu Cat Litter is here to freshen you and your cat’s life!

Release a fresh fruity scent into your home like never before! Being produced out of 100% natural and safe soy pulp allows it to absorb liquids while providing a fresh fruity scent. The litter forms into 2mm diameter granules that are both soft on paws and reduce tracking and messes! It eliminates odors instantly and clumps within a second. Naturally, super absorbent, make every cleanup session a fast and easy one with its firm clumping properties for easy scooping. The litter being eco-friendly allows owners to flush it away in the toilet, thanks to its biodegradable and eco-friendly properties. Bring some freshness into your home today!


  • Dust-free and soft on paws.
  • Absorbs and clumps quickly for an easy clean.
  • Naturally scented and eliminates odours.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Produced from pure food-grade bean curd residues.
  • Biodegradable and flushable.

Up to 16 weeks of use for one adult cat.

NET Weight: 7L / 2.5kg

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