Stylish Hound ~ Snuffle Mat ~ Iris Bloom



Keep your hound happy and entertained at all hours of the day with the Snuffle Mat from Stylish Hound!

Your pup probably has a busy schedule full of walks, feeds, playtime and cuddles, but in-between appointments they need something to keep them engaged. The Snuffle Mat helps to stimulate your dog’s prize possession, their nose. Your dog’s natural sniffing talents will be put to the test as the rummage for treats nestled into this lovely, squishy Snuffle Mat pad. Your best pal will spend hours exploring their new favourite pastime.

Fun should always be had alongside human supervision to keep pups safe. Keep the product out of your hound’s reach after playtime has ended. Our collection is tougher than tough, top quality and fighting fit, but that doesn't mean that it’s indestructible - play under supervision, inspect after play and remove if of concern.

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