Golden Bone ~ Lamb & Mint Bites ~ Dog Training Treats ~ 40g



Maintain your dog's attention and well-being with our wholesome lamb lung & mint bites.

Crafted from nutritious organ meat and infused with mint, these treats are ideal for training dogs of all ages. The antimicrobial properties of mint also contribute to fresher breath.

Golden Bone Bakery's treats are made with natural ingredients, ensuring they're gentle on sensitive tummies and skin. Whether used for training, in enrichment toys, or as meal toppers, The Golden Bone Bakery's baked treats are sure to delight your furry friend.


  • Heart and flower-shaped dog training treat for all dog sizes
  • Veterinarian-approved recipes
  • 100% free of artificial additives
  • No added salt, sugar or preservatives
  • Low in fat
  • Ideal for allergies, digestive issues, dental issues or weight management

Pack size: 40g

Ingredients: Australian oats, Australian Lamb lung, mint flakes - that's it!  

Protein 17.3%, Fibre 0.1%, Fat 10.1%


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