Norm Get Wild ~ Pork Testes Meal Topper ~ 110g



NORM'S pork testes meal topper is a freeze-dried, single ingredient powder, perfect for adding to raw meals, Likimats, Kongs, freakshakes or homemade dog treats.

Testes can be tricky to find but that doesn’t mean your wild one should miss out the nutritional variety they provide. Some of the benefits of testicles include: 

🐽  Source of vitamin B12

🍒  Rich in phosphorus

🍆  Sexy hormones

The testes produce sperm and hormones, most notably testosterone. This is what makes them one of the “secreting organs,” for all you mad raw feeders.

Your dog is probably still pissed you had his balls cut off so this fun meal topper will give him a flashback to being a horny young pup (chicks dig it too). 

NORM's pork testes raw, human grade and Australian. 

Freeze dried food is at least four times more concentrated than fresh because all of the water is removed. This 110g bag will provide around 40 serves for a small dog or cat, and 20 for a larger dog. We recommend starting with a small amount and seeing how your pet tolerates any new treat.   


Freeze dried pork testicles.


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