Plaque Away ~ Ascophyllum Nodosum ~ 100g



PlaqueAway is a natural way to reduce oral plaque, calculus and the dreaded "pet breath" whilst keeping your pet's teeth and gums healthy and clean. This product is made from a specially selected seaweed harvested from the pristine waters of northern Norway. PlaqueAway contains zero additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar and fillers. Used as a daily treatment, PlaqueAway will greatly reduce the risk of periodontal disease which affects 80% of mature dogs and cats. 

  • Reduces plaque, tartar and bad breath
  • Appropriate for both dogs and cats
  • Helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Vet approved
  • No fillers, no preservatives, no sugar
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural formula
  • Australian owned

How To Use

  • PlaqueAway is an easy and convenient powder to use
  • Simply add the recommended dose, based on your pet's weight, into their food daily
  • One level scoop (included in packaging) supplies 770mg Ascophyllum nodosum powder
Animal Weight (kg) <10  10-25 >25
Daily Dose (scoops) 0.5 1 1.5

Safety Information

For animal treatment only. Due to PlaqueAway having Ascophyllum Nodosum, it is recommended to consult your Veterinarian before use if your pet has Thyroid problems due to the naturally high iodine content.

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