Outward Hound ~ Garden ~ Nina Ottosson Snuffle Mat



The Nina Ottosson Interactive Snuffle Garden Activity Puzzle Mat is an interactive dog toy featuring three difficulty levels and challenges (lettuce = Level 1, carrot = Level 2, turnip = Level 3). The activity puzzle mat can be rolled up and stored away.


  • Interactive puzzle game and activity mat featuring a garden theme
  • Comes with lettuce “leaves,” a removable carrot, and a turnip inside a separate sleeve
  • Features 3 difficulty levels (lettuce = Level 1, carrot = Level 2, turnip = Level 3)
  • Can be used with treats or with dry dog food when slow feeding
  • Features a pull-out turnip and multiple treat-hiding pockets
  • Rolls up for travel or storage
  • Non-slip base
  • For all dogs

Size: Approx. 35.5cm (height) x 54.5cm (length)

    We recommend using with dehydrated or freeze-dried treats!

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