I Love a Dog ~ Vita Veggie Mix ~ 700g



The perfect match for organic paws, Proudi & bark rolls ! The easy way to add veggies to your dogs dinner bowl ! 


Carrot, red cabbage, turmeric,
apple, and hemp

With hemp seed oil, ginger, milk thistle,
passionflower, lemon and egg shells

Dogs are omnivores. Their ancestors’ veggie needs were met by the pre-digested stomach contents of their herbivore prey. Our Vita Veggie Mix is a modern day version of that ancestral source. With superfoods and natural medicines selected for their immune boosting, detoxifying, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, pain soothing, mood calming and digestive aid powers, it is even better than nature intended!

Jam packed with phytonutrients this low calorie, low carb, nutrient dense mix features rockstars like vitamins C, A and K, mega minerals like selenium and zinc, and superstar carotenoids, beta-glucans and omega fatty acids. All perfectly balanced and pulped for maximum bioavailability.

* Immune boosting * detoxifying * nourishing * anti-inflammatory * pain soothing * mood calming * digestive aid * liver support * pre and probiotic for gut health support * 

This is especially good for dogs who:

  • are super active (especially big dogs)
  • are more senior or have joint stiffness or muscle tightness
  • are anxious or are going through a stressful event
  • have digestion issues or sensitive tummy
  • suffer from chronic pain
  • are healing from injury or surgery
  • suffer allergies or hot spots
  • want or deserve real food 🙂

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