I Love a Dog ~ Pure Lions Mane ~ 90g



Lions mane is a powerful medicinal mushroom used in healing for thousands of years! Especially effective with nerve related issues, it supports brain function and cognitive health, helps keep circulation flowing, soothes intestinal inflammation, boosts fat metabolism, aids would healing and helps heal infection. 
why you might include lions mane in your dogs diet,

  • helps maintain and improve brain function
  • mat help slow or reverse brain plaques that cause forms of dementia¬†
  • Supports nerve regeneration & repair after injury¬†
  • Helps rebuild and soothe inflammation of the intestinal wall
  • is a natural prebiotic that improves gut health & therefore immune health¬†
  • aids wound healing & fights infection¬†
  • has shown effectiveness in treating some cancers
  • improves cardiovascular & hearth health by reducing inflammation¬†
  • helps increase fat metabolism¬†

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