Hunde ~ Essential Blend ~ For Cats



Essential Blend for cats is a balancing base that takes the stress out of preparing your cat's food at home. This nutritionist formulated blend fills common gaps in homemade diets and makes preparing balanced food at home a breeze.

Just add raw or lightly cooked meat and listen to them purr. 

  • Made from freeze dried organ meats, oily fish & green tripe
  • Brimming with functional, organic superfoods
  • Nothing synthetic and no unnecessary fillers
  • Creates a balanced meal using chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, duck, kangaroo or venison as a base protein - or any combination of them! 
  • Can be fed with meaty bones for dental & mental heath
  • Suitable for adults and growing kittens
  • 100% human grade ingredients, made in Melbourne

A 250g pouch makes 6 weeks of food for a 5kg adult cat when fed every day. See our detailed feeding guides here.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried lamb liver, freeze-dried chicken hearts, freeze-dried beef spleen, freeze-dried sardines, freeze-dried lamb green tripe, organic seaweed calcium (Lithothamnium sp.), organic pumpkin powder, oyster powder, organic reishi mushroom powder, cranberry powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic kelp powder, nutritional yeast.

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