Snooza ~ Compostable Skin & Coat Care Wipes ~ 80 Pack



Skin & Coat Care Wipes 

Gentle on your pet, and our planet

Unbleached, compostable & biodegradable dog care wipes.
Gentle on your pet and gentle on our planet, they are made from 100% bamboo & enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E & baking soda to absorb odours.
Snooza's skin & coat wipes are a caring, handy addition to your daily pet cleaning routine, suitable for all dog breeds at any age.
The hypoallergenic formula is mild enough to use every day on all areas - paws, face and under the tail! Our wipes are made of sustainable bamboo and can be disposed of in your compost bin, where they will break down without harming the environment.
Made from all-natural ingredients. Chemical & toxin-free. Do not flush




  • 100% compostable bamboo fibre
  • 80 per pack!

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