Big & Little Dogs ~ Black Camo ~ Headrest Car Restraint



Introducing the BIG & LITTLE DOGS "BLACK CAMO" premium car headrest restraint:

  • The perfect accessory for your dog to be restrained and travel safely in the car - allows a tangle free ride
  • Designed to be used with your cars headrest, instead of the traditional seatbelt buckle
  • Fits all car models with headrests
  • Quick and easy to install - just click and go
  • Adjustable in length 
  • Multi-functional as it can be used as a shorter leash or as a cafe leash (as it can easily be unclipped and clipped around a cafe table or pole)
  • Dual sided polyester webbing strap for durability
  • Heavy duty swivel snap clip for attaching to your harnesses d-ring

CAUTION: Only use a restraint with a harness (DO NOT USE with a Collar)

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