Animals in Charge ~ Navy ~ Handmade Rope Leash




Animals in Charge offer a range of classically beautiful pieces as a durable and cruelty-free alternative to leather.

They are able to be worn and used in all weather conditions including running, playing, and best of all, swimming


  • Lovingly handmade in Australia.
  • Marine grade ropes are strong, soft and comfortable to use.
  • Hand spliced and whipped with waxed whipping twine (the strong stuff).
  • Brass hardware that will weather the storm.


Brass - The hardware on your leash is natural brass which will change and develop patina over time. It will develop a beautiful loved appearance with age and use. Both this, and it's strength is why brass exists on Animals in Charge products.

Marine grade rope - The lead itself is made from marine grade rope; twisted for strength. Stronger than cotton, this lead is ready for your animal's adventures


1.5 metres (5 feet) in length, 10mm (3/8 inch) width.
Suitable for animals of all sizes.

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